PTG Worksheets

I genuinely want to make healthcare more accessible through PTG. For this reason I provide my most used worksheets for free. See below. So that you can get started right away, on your own or with the help of your therapist.

If you are a healthcare worker yourself, please feel free to use these worksheets.

Take care!


The G-scheme sheet can help you analyze specific situations in which you have experienced troubling emotions, negative thoughts or unwanted behaviour in yourself. It helps to raise awareness and can help you to change this.

Exposure Plan

The Exposure Plan is a way to challenge your fears and keep track of them structurally. Psychologists also refer to facing your fears as exposure. You regularly test your fearful prediction. This will increase the learning effect!

Stay on Track Plan

The Stay on Track plan is a plan that you can complete when you are almost done with your therapy. In fact you are creating a summary of your most important strengths and insights. It can offer you more guidance to ‘go on alone’ again later. The goal is keeping you to stay on the right track after therapy!