Who is PTG for?

Dorianne Hoek

Who is PTG suitable for?

With Psychologist to go it is not necessary to have a diagnosis or referral letter from your medical doctor to receive treatment. You can book a session directly via the ‘contact & sign up’ page. In order to provide the right care, there will be a check during a first free telephone consultation to see whether your request for help fits within the care provided by Psychologist to go. After mutual approval, an initial consultation will be scheduled.

Psychologist to go is suitable for people who suffer from minor psychological complaints or who want to prevent having them. You can be well helped with, among other things, depression, fear, panic, stress, insecurities, loneliness and when social interactions are difficult. More information is available below.

I can help you out with these requests for help

I feel anxious or panicked

I suffer from fears such as panic attacks, fear of what others think of me, fear of what may happen, or a specific fear. I avoid certain activities or places because of fear, which makes my world feel smaller and smaller.

I feel sad

I feel down, I have little energy and lack of motivation to do anything. I suffer from negative thoughts about myself, the world or the future. This makes it increasingly difficult to do the things you should do every day.

I suffer from stress (burnout)

I quickly go beyond my limits. I feel off balance. I suffer from burnout complaints or I worry that I will develop them.

Social interaction is a problem

I notice that interacting with others is often a problem. I also notice that I have different expectations of the other person. Sometimes I feel angry, jealous or disappointed. I would like to learn how to better express my needs and wishes.

I have difficulty making decisions

I would like help exploring decision making. I don’t really know who I am and what I want. This can play out in different areas of my life (work, relationships, leisure).

I feel alone / lonely

When I am around other people I don’t succeed in bonding with others, or feel like I am being myself. Because of this I have the feeling that I am not understood and I am left feeling alone. I don’t feel that I get the support I need.

Who is PTG not suitable for?

Unfortunately, Psychologist to go cannot offer you the appropiate care if you suffer from:

  • psychosis
  • suicidal thoughts
  • serious addiction issues
  • a complex trauma
  • serious forms of personality disorder
  • if you require medication

If you recognise yourself in the above list, it is important to contact your medical doctor first, as Psychologist to go cannot offer you the right help in this regard. I will always think along with you where you could find the necessary help.