Terms and conditions

My focus is to provide the best level of care to you and therefore I find it important that it is clear what you can expect. Further down this page you can download the terms and conditions that apply to my services.

In addition I have summarised here the most important general terms and conditions here:

  • Appointments must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the time of the consultation, otherwise the fee of the consultation will be charged.
  • Within one to seven days following the consultation the client will receive an invoice by mail. Payment must be completed within 14 days.
  • If the sum has not been received within 14 days, the client is in default. Psychologist to go will send a no cost reminder by mail, after which the client is offered an extended 14 days to pay. If the payment has not been received after these additional 14 days, additional costs will be incurred.

Do you still have questions after reading my general terms and conditions? You can contact me at any time by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail.

What can you do if you have a complaint about the care provided by PTG?

  • In the case of complaints about the care at PTG, I would appreciate it if you would first report this to the practice owner Dorianne Hoek. This can be done orally, by telephone (+31683420350) or by email (dorianne@psycholoogtogo.nl). I will send an acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint within 2 working days and a first response within 7 working days. My goal is to come out of this together to your satisfaction.
  • If this does not lead to a satisfactory outcome, you can make use of an independent complaints officer from Klacht&Company. You do this by submitting your complaint via the digital complaint form and sending it to nip@klachtencompany.nl. You will be contacted directly by the complaints officer within 4 working days.