Dorianne Hoek

Psychologist, Owner / Founder

Welcome! My name is Dorianne Hoek and I am the founder of Psychologist to go. I started Psycholoog to go to make Psychological care more friendly and accessible. You can read here why.

I am positive and enthusiastic in life. I like to travel, dance and play soccer. Clients describe me as warm, understanding, supportive and operating attentive in personal contact. I am always truthful, telling it like it is, and I am always inspired to find the strengths in every individual.

After I completed my master’s degree Cum Laude at the UvA, I started working as a psychologist within the mental health sector. I have 6 years of experience at various institutions (PsyQ, Arkin and PsyCoaching). I have gained experience in the treatment of many different complaints, including anxiety, OCD, depression, ADHD, PTSD and negative self-image. I have experience with CBT, EMDR, ACT, KPSP, Imaginaire rescripting and Schema Therapy.

I have been also in therapy. Because of this, I know what it’s like to be on the other side. Therapy has given me a lot of insight and I sometimes use this experience in my conversations with clients. This often works in a very supportive way.

Mirjam Rakers


Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Mirjam Rakers. I share Dorianne’s vision on psychological care. For me, key elements in psychological care are personal contact, equality and humour. I also strongly believe that everyone can benefit from working on enhancing balance and resilience.

I got my masters degree in clinical psychology at the University of Leiden and worked in a large mental health institution for a few years after that. At this moment I work in my own practice where I combine my passion for nature, human beings and personal growth. Working for PTG embodies the values I find important. My experience lies in CBT, mindfulness and the connection between your mind and your body. Over the past years I also gained experience in working with the autonomous nervous system as basis, which gives you insight in your responses to (stressful) situations and gives you the opportunity to get back to a state of balance.

A few years ago I experienced a burn-out. Aside from this being a very challenging and though period in my life, it also taught me a lot. Today, I use my personal experience with recovery, balance, personal growth and therapy to help you walk your path to feeling strong and balanced again.

PTG has appeared in the media several times. Read, watch and listen here.