Dorianne Hoek

Psychologist, Owner / Founder

Welcome! My name is Dorianne Hoek and I am the founder of Psychologist to go. I started Psycholoog to go to make Psychological care more friendly and accessible. You can read here why.

I am positive and enthusiastic in life. I like to travel, dance and play soccer. Clients describe me as warm, understanding, supportive and operating attentive in personal contact. I am always truthful, telling it like it is, and I am always inspired to find the strengths in every individual.

After I completed my master’s degree Cum Laude at the UvA, I started working as a psychologist within the mental health sector. I have 6 years of experience at various institutions (PsyQ, Arkin and PsyCoaching). I have gained experience in the treatment of many different complaints, including anxiety, OCD, depression, ADHD, PTSD and negative self-image. I have experience with CBT, EMDR, ACT, KPSP, Imaginaire rescripting and Schema Therapy.

I have been also in therapy. Because of this, I know what it’s like to be on the other side. Therapy has given me a lot of insight and I sometimes use this experience in my conversations with clients. This often works in a very supportive way.

Dorianne Hoek

Josephine Jankowski


Not available at the moment

Hi! My name is Josephine Jankowski. I joined Psycholoog to go because Dorianne and I share a vision about the importance of accessible mental healthcare. I believe a more normalized approach towards mental health issues and empowering an individual’s unique ways of dealing with difficulties in troubled times, are specifically important when it comes to the process of counseling or facilitating.

Besides working as a mental health professional, I love (and sometimes not love) to practice yoga and mindfulness and to use creativity (music or any other creative expression, often without a purpose) as ways to calm my own mind. I am greatly interested in how our physical bodies, our emotional experiences and our minds influence one another. In my sessions I strive to work towards a more harmonious relationship between these different aspects of our wellbeing.

For the past years I have worked as a therapist with young adults and adults with minor and major psychological symptoms amongst which psychotic disorders, ADHD, PTSD, depression, and addiction. Along with my bachelor and master’s in psychology at the UvA, I have studied a variety of subjects within the realm of mind-bodywork such as yoga and breathwork.

Josephine Jankowski

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