Asking for help can be hard for many of us. Waiting a long time often makes it harder.

Psychologist to go (PTG) was founded to make psychological care effortless, accessible and friendly. I have achieved this by providing personal care at an accessible location in Amsterdam, without waiting times.

PTG is perfectly suited for minor conditions, I focus my treatments on reducing symptoms, as well as prevention. My fee is EUR 95 per hour for a session, which can take place wherever and whenever you prefer.

Sorry, we’re fully booked at the moment and not accepting new cliënts. Please go to your GP to ask for a referral if you need help.

A unique and innovative approach


PTG does not have a waiting list, contact is always established within 24 hours. You don’t need to see a medical doctor first or have a referral.


Sessions can take place in a public location or in my office. Think of a walking session in a park, a session over a quiet coffee or an online video call. Your care is tailored to your wishes, wherever and whenever you need it.


At PTG, everything is centered around a kind and thoughtful conversation. I treat all my clients as unique individuals, and focus on their strengths. A diagnosis or set of protocols is never the leading belief to my approach.


With PTG treatments I use cognitive behavioral therapy. This is an effective and proven form of treatment with which I have years of experience. I can also apply Acceptance and Commitment therapy, imaginary rescripting and EMDR as well.

Your journey

At PTG you decide what you want to work out, and whether you need a follow-up session. After closing your final treatment you are of course always welcome for a ‘refreshment session’.


After each session you will receive a summary of the consultation via a secure e-mail that clarifies the next steps and includes a personal note from me to you.

PTG has appeared in the media several times. Read, watch and listen here.